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Mr. Dana C. Kohut

"The Accountant in Hawaii"

Dana Kohut LLC

"The Tax Guy"

Professional Tax Services

Registered Tax Accountant with the IRS

291 Kawaihae St #224
Honolulu, HI  96825


     I hope that you, your family, your friends, and your business are all doing well, but if you need some help, maybe I can be of service.  First a little information:

     The United States Government determined in 2006 that Chain Preparers such as, "H&R Block", made serious errors ( Tax law is complicated. Consider trusting yours to a professional.

     Certified Public Accountants, CPA's, are given no education in tax law.  So the quality of the tax return they prepare is relative to the amount of experience and education they acquire on their own.

     EA's or Enrolled Agents have past a grueling test that demonstrates that they know the tax law the best, but just because you own a great set of tools, doesn't mean that you know how to build a house.

     What it really comes down to is experience and trust.  I personally have over 40 years of experience making sure that my clients pay the least amount of tax legally possible and I keep my clients up to date all year long on tax changes that may positively or negatively affect them.  To me you aren't a tax return, you're a relationship.

     I enjoy having relationships with S Corporations, Sole Proprietors, individuals and families.  They learn that I am always looking after their best interests.

     For some reason tax firms don't like listing their fees.  Doesn't seem quite right to me, so here is an estimate: Personal $150 to $200, Sole Proprietor $200 to $300, and S Corps $500 to $750.  Keep in mind that these are just estimates, but based on my experience, they are good estimates. 

     Don't be fooled by Tax Preparers or Chain Preparers like H&R Block making offers of lower or even no fees.  They get you in the door and then add per form charges.  They believe that if they can get you in the door, you won't want to go to the trouble of going somewhere else, and most of the time, they are right. 
I see people all year long that have been overcharged in the past.

     In closing I would like to remind you that anyone can do your taxes wrong, but a good Tax Accountant will do them right, save you money, and take a long term interest in your financial welfare.