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Mr. Dana C. Kohut

Dana Kohut LLC
(Private Practice)

Personal Accountant

Over 53 Years of Experience

Providing Services in the Spirit of Aloha

I have the pleasure of representing wonderful people


     I hope that you, your family, your friends, and your business are all doing well, but if you need some help, maybe I can be of service. 

     Starting a new business in the State of Hawaii is complicated and doing in wrong is costly.  Consider using a professional. 

have been helping businesses get a new start in Hawaii for decades.  I work with the IRS, the DCCA, the Department of Taxation, and the Department of Industrial Relations.  Having a good relationship with all of these governmental offices makes starting a business in Hawaii a whole lot easier, and I do it all electronically.
     For some reason firms don't like listing their fees.  Doesn't seem quite right to me, so here is an estimate:

     Filing with the IRS: $100 - $150

     Filing with the DCCA, Department of Taxation, and Department of Industrial
     Relations: $150

     Setup QuickBooks: $200 - $300

     Go to my other links to find fee information for your ongoing business.
     I like people and I have been helping them set up businesses in Hawaii for decades.  My clients are wonderful people. Shoot me an email if you would like one less thing to worry about (setting up your business).  Enjoy.