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Dana Kohut

Dana C. Kohut


I'm sorry that you are having problems, but maybe I can be of service.  I am an accounting and accounting systems specialist.  No, not the Anderson Consulting type where you have to bring in a whole team to manage your legacy conversion to a new software system.  I can handle it myself.

     Need an interim Controller?  I can help.

     I have done troubleshooting, worked as interim management, and done legacy conversions for some of the largest companies in the world. I am not a CPA, I train CPAs, I graduated 1st in my class from Cal Poly, Pomona, and I am an expert in the practical application of accounting and accounting systems.  Your size doesn't concern me.  If you are nice people and you are serious about your problems, then I will try to find the time to help you.

     I am located somewhere in the world.  I travel with my wife 365 days a year.  If I need to come to you then my fees are as follows:

     $5,000 to travel to you and then $200 per hour with a minimum of 6 hours each day, plus $500 per day to cover meals, car rental, and lodging.  $10,000 is to be paid in advance as a retainer.

     My last trip to Hawaii was paid by the Department of Justice.  I was there as an expert witness and testified before a grand jury.

     Read my resume if you haven't already.  Like I said, if you are serious about your problems, then I am serious about helping you.

My best regards,

Dana / (808) 419-0699 / Resume