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Mr. Dana C. Kohut

"Professional Payroll Services"

Dana Kohut LLC

After living in Hawaii for a decade, I now travel with my wife, and work as I go
It keeps my mind sharp, while improving my education constantly


     I hope that you, your family, your friends, and your business are all doing well, but if you need some help, maybe I can be of service. 

I provide payroll services for my clients in Hawaii.  That may seem normal for an accountant, but it isn't.  Many businesses have a payroll service manage their payroll, because many accountants don't want to deal with what they see as a hassle.

     I don't look at my business that way.  I like to help people and when I see what I believe to be an inequity that I can address, I do it.  All of the payroll services that I have dealt with in Hawaii charge fees based on a percentage of the business's payroll, and that fee is about 3% of the total payroll.  That means that a business with 10 employees and a monthly payroll of $40,000 pays the same amount in fees ($40,000 x 3% = $1,200) as a business with 20 employees and a monthly payroll of $40,000. That seems a little insane to me, so I do payrolls differently.  An example of my fees are as follows:

Setup New Employee: $50
Process payroll: $50 plus $2 per employee
File Worker's Comp with Hemic (or another insurance):  $50 plus $2 per employee
File Quarterly 941: $50
File Quartery HW-14: $50
File Quarterly UC-B6: $50 plus $2 per employee
W-2's: $50 per employee

So, a payroll for 10 employees would cost $70 (plus GE tax of course) to process, instead of $1,200.  See what I mean?

     You will find that I provide a high quality of service at fees that are much more reasonable than the most popular payroll services in Hawaii, and my process goes like this.

     Each week or every other week (depending on weekly or bi-weekly payrolls) my clients send me a spreadsheet with each employee's hours.  I update my system for new employees and departed employees, enter hours as a total (or by day for Certified Payrolls), and process payroll for direct deposit into each employee's bank account.  I do not do manual checks, but I will process a manual check and send you a copy of what your manual check should look like (with taxes taken out, etc), so that you can create a manual check.

In closing I would like to remind you that anyone can handle your finances poorly, but a good Accountant will do them right, save you money, and take a long term interest in your financial welfare.