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Mr. Dana C. Kohut

Investment Services

Dana Kohut LLC
(Private Practice)

I have the pleasure of
providing service to
wonderful people


     I hope that you, your family, your friends, and your business are all doing well, but if you need some help, maybe I can be of service. 

Two important parts of life are planning for the education and the wealth of our families.  Something as simple as investing $5,000 at the birth of a child can take care of a college education.  Investing $5,000 each year for our retirement can provide millions of tax free dollars in our retirement years.

     Who you have helping you to invest your money is very important.  Do they have more than just an investing background?  Do they have their commissions or your best interests at heart.  Do they have real integrity?  What are you paying for?  Their office may be beautiful, but you are paying for that office.  So you have to ask yourself, "Do you want to invest in their success or would you rather invest in your success?"

     Having a personal accountant, with a background in accounting, tax, and investing, who watches over your families financial wellbeing, can be priceless.

     I like people and I have been providing services for the same families for decades.  My clients are wonderful people. If you are looking for something more than your local investment firm, then maybe we have a future together.  Whatever you chose to do, I wish you the very best in your future.