GE and TA Tax Services, Dana, Kohut

Mr. Dana C. Kohut

Dana Kohut LLC
(Private Practice)

GE and TA Tax Services

I have the pleasure of working with wonderful people


     I hope that you, your family, your friends, and your business are all doing well, but if you need some help, maybe I can be of service.      

     If you have tried to file GE taxes on your own and have found it confusing, don't feel bad.  I once sent a client to a GE tax seminar put on by the Department of Taxation, where two instructors couldn't agree on how to apply GE taxes under many circumstances.
  I have also encountered accounting and CPA firm clients who had been over paying GE and TA taxes for years.

     I am not a CPA or your basic Accountant.  I am a Tax Accountant.  It is my business to know how to file your taxes and have you pay the least amount of taxes possible.  I enjoy it.

     If you have received a letter or letters from the Department of Taxation and you are behind in your GE and/or TA taxes, I can help you out.  Non-payment of taxes is a criminal offense in the State of Hawaii, but if you have someone representing you that the Department trusts, then I have never seen it where it doesn't work out well (knock on koa).

     I am a past resident of Hawaii Kai and now I travel with my wife full-time.  I have had the same clients for many decades and I am now working with the second generation in addition to the first generation of business families. 
If I can be of help, just shoot me an email at .  I love to help people.